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Steve Benedict
  • Professor and Chancellors Club Teaching Professor
  • (1947-2019)

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T cell activation, cell signaling, adhesion molecules.

T lymphocytes are crucial cells in the immune response, controlling B cell and macrophage function by T helper and T regulatory activity, synthesizing cytokines, and providing cytotoxic activity. Before T cells can function, they must be activated by specific antigen, and the ability to control T cell activation would be of great importance in controlling the immune response to foreign antigens. T cells are activated through two signals, the antigen signal is very specific and without a second signal, causes the T cell to die or become anergic. The second signal can be delivered through any of several proteins located on the T cell surface. This combination of signals, called costimulation, leads to activation of the T cell and in some cases to differentiation of the cell to a more mature phenotype capable of performing new functions. We study how multiple T cell signaling regulates T cell activation, adhesion, migration/homing, differentiation and function, and how the T cell surface molecule ICAM-1 plays a role in these processes. We use mouse models to study thymic differentiation and the role of ICAM-1 in resistance to infectious disease. We study post thymic differentiation of naïve T cells in young and older humans. We study the participation of signaling through ICAM-1 in autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis. We are studying aging and immunosenescence during differentiation of human naïve T cells to memory or to regulatory T cells in response to several combinations of signals introduced at the T cell surface. We are studying the immune response in patients who are undergoing total parenteral nutrition.

Selected Publications

Representative Publications

Biswas, S, Benedict SH, Lynch SG and LeVine SM “Potential immunological consequences of pharmacological suppression of gastric acid production in patients with multiple sclerosis” BMC Med 10:57, 2012.

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