Erik A Lundquist

Erik A. Lundquist
  • Professor
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Research


Developmental neurobiology, genetics, and genomics.

Selected Publications

Recent Publications
  • Tamayo, J.V., Gujar, M., Macdonald, S.J., and Lundquist E.A.  Functional Transcriptomic Analysis of the Role of MAB-5/Hox in Q Neuroblast Migration in C. elegans.  2013.  BMC Genomics May 4;14:304. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-14-304.  PMC3651406
  • Alan, J.K. and Lundquist, E.A. Mutationally-Activated Rho GTPases in Cancer.  2013 Small GTPases 2013 Oct 2;4(3) PMC3976972
  • Alan, J.K., Struckhoff, E.C, and Lundquist, E.A.  2013.  Multiple cytoskeletal pathways and PI3K signaling mediate CDC-42-induced neuronal protrusion in C. elegansSmall GTPases 2013 Oct 22;4(4)  PMC4011816
  • Sundararajan, L., Norris, M.L., Schöneich, S., Ackley, B.D., and Lundquist, E.A.  The Fat-like Cadherin CDH-4 Acts Cell-Non-Autonomously in Anterior-Posterior Neuroblast Migration.  2014.  Developmental Biology Aug 15;392(2):141-52.  PMC4136450
  • Norris, A.D, Sundararajan, L., Morgan, D.E., Roberts, Z.J., and Lundquist, E.A. UNC-6/Netrin receptors UNC-40/DCC and UNC-5 inhibit growth cone filopodial protrusion using UNC-73/Trio, Rac GTPases, and UNC-33/CRMP. 2014. Development 141:22, 4395-405. PMC4302909
  • Sundararajan, L, Norris, M., and Lundquist, E.A.  SDN-1/Syndecan Acts in Parallel to the Transmembrane Molecule MIG-13 to Promote Anterior Neuroblast Migration.  2015. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics.  2015 May 28;5(8):1567-74.  PMC4528313
  • Josephson, M., Chai, Y., Ou, G., and Lundquist E.A.  EGL-20/Wnt and MAB-5/Hox Act Sequentially to Inhibit Anterior Migration of Neuroblasts in C. elegans.  2016 PLoS One. 2016 Feb 10;11(2):e0148658
  • Josephson, M., Miltner, A.M., and Lundquist E.A. Non-Autonomous Roles of MAB-5/Hox and the Secreted Basement membrane Protein SPON-1/F-spondin in Caenorhabditis elegans  Neuronal Migration. Genetics. 2016 Aug;203(4):1747-62. PMC4981275
  • Josephson, M.P., Aliani, R., Ochs, M., Gujar, M., Norris, M.L. and Lundquist, E.A. The C. elegans NF2/Merlin Molecule NFM-1 Non-Autonomously Regulates Neuroblast Migration and Interacts Genetically with the Guidance Cue SLT-1/Slit. Genetics. 2016 Dec 2. pii: genetics.116.191957. [Epub ahead of print] PMID:27913619
  • Gujar, M., Stricker, A., and Lundquist, EA. Flavin monooxygenases regulate Caenorhabditis elegans axon guidance and growth cone protrusion with UNC-6/Netrin signaling and Rac GTPases. 2017. PLoS Genetics 13:8 August 31 PMC5597259
  • Alan, J.K., Robinson, S.K., Magsig, K.L, Demarco, R.S., and Lundquist, E.A.. The Atypical Rho GTPase CHW-1 Works with SAX-3/Robo To Mediate Axon Guidance in Caenorhabditis elegans. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics Early online April 13, 2018; 

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