Newmark Awards

Congratulations to the 3 finalists for the Newmark Award (left to right): Piyanka Hettiarachchi (Johnson lab, Department of Chemistry), Ryan E. Feehan (Slusky lab, Department of Molecular Biosciences), and Ayotunde Paul Ikujuni (Slusky lab, Department of Molecular Biosciences). All 3 finalists gave research seminars in the department on November 14, 2022.


The recipient of the 2022-23 Newmark Award is Ryan E. Feehan. Congratulations Ryan!


The Newmark Award was set up to remember two biochemistry professors, Dr. Philip Newmark and Dr. Marjorie Newmark. This award is given to a KU graduate student for excellence in biochemistry research. The award comes with a certificate and $1,000 award.