New MB faculty member

Dr. Ferreira received her PhD in Microbiology from the University of Iowa, under the supervision of Dr. Linda McCarter. While in graduate school, Dr. Ferreira studied the genetic mechanisms associated with the switch from swimming to swarming (surface-associated) phenotypes in Vibrio parahaemolyticus. Following graduate school, she moved to Vancouver, Canada for her postdoctoral training with Dr. Brett Finlay at The University of British Columbia. There she worked on a different number of projects, including the development of a Salmonella subunit vaccine, as well as determining the role of the intestinal microbiome on Salmonella infection. Dr. Ferreira spent the past 10 years at The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as an Associate-level Professor where she developed her current research on the different aspects of the skin microbiome, focusing on understanding how different species interact with each other in that environment, and how can we take advantage of that to discover new natural products that helps us fight infections. The Ferreira lab will continue their research at KU. Welcome Rosana!