Multiple Open Faculty Positions

The Department of Molecular Biosciences is excited to announce we will be hiring 5 new faculty members to begin Fall 2023. We are recruiting individuals in a range of areas to complement the diverse expertise already present in our group. Brief details of each position are provided below, with more information on our Job Opportunities page.

The research areas emphasized by these positions clearly overlap, and the Department encourages applicants to apply to any and all positions they feel qualified for; Applicants will be considered independently for each search.

Cellular or Developmental Biology

  • Assistant or Associate Professor (1 position)
  • This search seeks individuals working in any area of cell or developmental biology engaging in interdisciplinary investigation of cells in culture, tissues, organs, or intact organisms.
  • Search committee Chair = Kristi Neufeld
  • Please submit applications by November 1

Developmental Biology with a focus in Genomics

  • Assistant Professor (1 position)
  • Our group seeks researchers who employ experimental and quantitative genomics tools to examine organismal development.
  • Search committee Chair = Brian Ackley
  • Please submit applications by November 1


  • Assistant Professor (2 positions)
  • The genomics positions seek to build strength in any area of genomics or genome biology that use experimental, quantitative, and/or computational approaches.
  • Search committee Chair = Rob Unckless
  • Please submit applications by November 1

Systems Cell Biology

  • Assistant Professor (1 position)
  • This position seeks individuals who incorporate system-wide approaches to better understand the complexity of health and disease.
  • Search committee Chair = Scott Hefty
  • Please submit applications by November 7