Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Graduate study in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB) is supported by a strong interdisciplinary and collaborative group of researchers within the Department of Molecular Biosciences composed of noted professors and the students, post-doctoral associates, and research staff who work with them in their labs. MCDB researchers seek to address a range of fundamental biomedical questions at the molecular and cellular level.

Research areas include modern cell biology, genetics, genomics, developmental biology, cancer biology and neurobiology. Researchers utilize this collaborative environment to leverage the intellectual expertise and tools from multiple labs to study problems at the cutting edge of science using novel, synthetic approaches and a wide variety of model organisms. MCDB researchers have access to numerous excellent core facilities (including microscopy and imaging, biomolecular NMR, protein production, protein structure/crystallography, high throughput screening, mass spectrometry, genome sequencing, bioinformatics, and computational modeling cores) and state-of-the-art equipment. MCDB research activities are strongly supported by public and private funding sources, notably the NSF and NIH; and members have also secured seed grants through the KU Research Investment Council to develop multidisciplinary centers promoting the four KU Strategic Initiatives.

In addition, MCDB researchers have close ties with researchers in several other departments at KU-Lawrence as well as the KU Medical Center, and have considerable cross-disciplinary collaboration within KU (e.g. School of Pharmacy, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Center for Bioinformatics), nationally, and around the world. MCDB PhD graduates have a high rate of success in securing post-degree positions in academic and industrial research, teaching, law, and others. The MCDB degree track offers a challenging, stimulating and rigorous environment that nurtures success for PhD students. The MCDB faculty is committed to providing dynamic and modern scientific training through mentoring in the laboratory, classwork and teaching opportunities. Graduate-level coursework includes Advanced Cell Biology, Genetics, Developmental Biology, and Neurobiology that aids the student in the development of their research program and dissertation work.