MB trainee News

Parker Sperstad (graduate student, Holmstrom lab) presented his work entitled Mechanistic insights into the 2-step dimerization process for the hepatitis C virus RNA genome at the 2023 Biophysical Society Conference. He also had the opportunity to discuss a variety of biophysical, biochemical, and computational techniques that can answer biological questions. By attending this conference, Parker was able to attend presentations discussing the use of optical tweezers to determine how manganese-sensitive riboswitches impact gene expression, the impact of DMSO on the enzymatic activity of the SARS-CoV-2 protease, and how single molecule FRET can be used to understand the interaction between histone H1 and DNA.

Nilanjan Roy (graduate student, Unckless lab) and Jessie Perlmutter (postdoc, Unckless lab) presented posters at the Annual Drosophila Research Conference in Chicago, Illinois in March, 2023.