August 2020


David Davido (professor) is recipient of a grant from the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIH) for his project entitled “Identifying functional targets of HSV‐1 ICP0‐directed degradation.”



Mizuki Azuma (associate professor) is recipient of a BioNexus KC grant for her work on Ewing sarcoma.




Joanna Slusky (associate professor) is recipient of a grant from the KU Medical Center Research Institute as mentor for Jimmy Budiardjo for the project entitled “Designing peptide‐based inhibitors of bacterial efflux pumps.”



Shivani JagannathanMurali (graduate student, M. Azuma lab) was recipient of the Kenneth B. Armitage Award for Excellence in Teaching, Principles of Biology Laboratory this past spring.



Catherine Kerr (graduate student, Fehr lab) was awarded a Chemical Biology Training Grant.





The Fehr Lab was featured in this Business Wire new study announcement.

In the spring, a Beckman Coulter SW 41 Ti Swinging‐Bucket Rotor Package was offered to HBC participants as part of an award competition. Congratulations to Drs. Yoshiaki Azuma and Dan Dixon, both from molecular biosciences, who applied for the rotor and agreed to share its use.


This month, three researchers joined the Unckless lab: Wen-Juan Ma (research associate), Clint Rice (postdoc) and Isaac Nevarez-Saenz (technician). Wen-Juan is coming from a position at Amherst College and will work on meiotic drive. Clint is switching from Rob Ward’s lab at KU and will work on antimicrobial peptides. Isaac is a former KU undergraduate and PREP scholar and will work on antimicrobial peptides as well. 


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Tony Fehr (assistant professor) gave an invited talk at the Cold Spring Harbor COVID-19 Rapid Research Reports Virtual Conference  “The Unique Activities of the Coronavirus Macrodomain”. (2020) Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories COVID19/SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Research Reports. 07-21-2020. Virtual.

Tony Fehr (assistant professor) gave an invited seminar for the University of New Mexico Autophagy Inflammation and Metabolism Center  “On the Battlefront: Host PARP enzymes vs the Coronavirus Macrodomain”. (2020) University of New Mexico – AIM Center. 06-30-2020. Virtual.


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Miao, Y*, Bhattarai, A., and Wang, J. (2020) Ligand Gaussian accelerated molecular dynamics (LiGaMD): Characterization of ligand binding thermodynamics and kinetics. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, Published Online

Gao, Y.; Cao, D.; Pawnikar, S.; John, K. P.; Ahn, H. M.; Hill, S.; Ha, J. M.; Parikh, P.; Ogilvie, C.; Swain, A.; Yang, A.; Bell, A.; Salazar, A.; Miao, Y.*; Liang, B.* (2020) Structure of the Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus M2-1 Protein in Complex with a Short Positive-Sense Gene-End RNA. Structure 2020, In press (Undergraduate)

Juhoon So, Minwook Kim, Seung‐Hoon Lee, Sungjin Ko, Daniel A Lee, Hyewon Park, Mizuki Azuma, Michael J Parsons, David Prober, Donghun Shin. (2020) Attenuating the EGFR‐ERK‐SOX9 axis promotes liver progenitor cell‐mediated liver regeneration in zebrafish. Hepatology 28 Jun 2020, PMID: 32602149

Nadia Efimova, Changsong Yang, Jonathan X. Chia, Ning Li, Christopher J. Lengner, Kristi L. Neufeld, Tatyana M. Svitkina. (2020) Branched actin networks are assembled on microtubules by adenomatous polyposis coli for targeted membrane protrusion. Journal of Cell Biology 219 (9): e202003091, PMID: 32597939.


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