Patrick Lansdon, Ph.D.

Patrick Lansdon
  • Brian Ackley Lab

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5004 Haworth Hall


Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas



Ph.D. in Genetics - University of Iowa (2018)

Current Research: The innate immune system is a defense mechanism comprised of evolutionarily ancient components that modulates an organism’s response to infection by microbial pathogens. Recent studies have demonstrated that the nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans, do not exhibit obvious conservation of the microbial defense pathways observed in mammals. Rather, pathogen detection occurs via many different systems that converge upon a core set of physiological responses as well as a set of pathogen-specific responses, some of which are conserved in other organisms. My research focuses on identifying elements of the innate immune system that are evolutionarily conserved or variable across nematode strains and pathogens.